Wednesday, April 12, 2006

My Baby... No... My Toddler!

This afternoon, Elliot told me he was hungry, so I asked if he wanted a snack. Before Elliot even had the chance to answer, Jonah comes trotting over enthusiastically signing "more". OK, so I guess he understood and wanted it known that he was hungry, too! So I asked Elliot to pick a snack from the pantry and I asked Jonah to go to his highchair (which he usually does). Today, though, Jonah went over to the pantry (which Elliot had opened), grabbed the bag of Baby Goldfish, and *then* went over to his highchair. Silly baby! ;-)

I think the problem is that I do still think Jonah is a baby - but clearly *he* doesn't think so! LOL!

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