Saturday, October 29, 2005

I made a new friend!

Why am I still so astonished every time this happens? You'd think, at 34, I'd have the confidence to know that some people do, in fact, want to be friends with me. And my head knows that. But I'm still so surprised every time I make a new connection.

There's another mom at Elliot's preschool who's hanging out in the halls before/after class, waiting to pick up her son. We're both usually there early and end up chatting for a few minutes. And we spent time talking when we were all on a field trip a couple of weeks ago. She's very friendly, we're at the same stage of life with similar aged kidlets, and we seemed to find the same things amusing. So, this week she invited me to her house for a Girls' Night Out with some of her friends.

And it surprised me how I reacted internally. It felt a little like I'd been asked on a date for the first time (not that that *ever* happened much!). I guess I still just don't expect people to make such overtures of friendship to me - a remnant of tough years as a kid.

I really need to get over this. I know I have a ton of friends and there are many women who I like to hang out with and who, I think, like to hang out with me. But it's always nice to have another.

Thursday, October 20, 2005


I've never succombed to getting one of those plastic bracelets that support various causes - a trend started by Lance Armstrong and his foundation. I've been tempted, but haven't actually done it. Partially because I know my husband will laugh, and I just don't want to deal.

But I found one that convinced me.

Breastfeeding Protection Initiative

Really, I don't have a problem with moms that use formula, either by choice or necessity. But I do have a problem with a culture that has a problem with breastfeeding in public. Using my breasts for what nature designed them for is "disgusting" and should be hidden, but using my breasts for sexuality is prefectly fine and even encouraged.

How screwed up is that?


Oh, my, god. I need some sleep. Jonah's been going through some sort of developmental thing so he's up a lot. And I have a hacking cough that won't go away (probably because I'm not getting enough sleep) that's keeping me up. Plus a touch of insomnia. Not good.

10 hours of sleep in the last 3 days. Oh, plus 30 mins yesterday afternoon while Jonah was napping and Elliot watched a movie.

And I'm supposed to safe to drive my children around. HA!!