Wednesday, January 04, 2012

Do More

New Year's resolutions are so often "do less" declarations (eat less, yell less, etc.). For 2012, I want to focus on the "do more" declarations.

What do I want to "do more" of in 2012?

  1. laugh
  2. play
  3. hug my children
  4. kiss my husband
  5. hike
  6. dance (even if there's no music)
  7. frolic
  8. bike
  9. make time for friends and family
  10. walk in the grass barefoot
  11. sing out loud
  12. stargaze
  13. make kitchen messes, and let the kids help
  14. be kind
  15. take walks with my children
  16. be kind
  17. smile
  18. trust myself
  19. take risks
  20. let go and have fun
  21. visit museums of all kinds
  22. reach out
  23. dig in the dirt
  24. splash in the water
  25. try new things
What will you do more of this year?