Wednesday, March 01, 2006

The last cord is cut

I'm pretty sure Jonah nursed for the last time yesterday. He's been down to once a day (at bedtime) for the last week or so and for the last couple of nights he's been getting frustrated and had a lot of trouble staying latched because there's really no supply left. Last night he kinda, sorta nursed for 15 mins before bed (constant fussing and latching/unlatching b/c there was no milk), but he went to sleep at 7pm. At 9pm, he was up screaming (which he doesn't normally do). We tried to nurse, but it was more of the same. So DH gave him 5 oz of whole milk in a bottle, which he sucked down in about 3 minutes! And then he slept until 7am.

So, I think this is it. We've been weaning slowly, so now there's just no supply left (I couldn't even squeeze out a few drops in the shower this morning). It's a little sad, but I'm also ready. My goal was to not use any formula, which I was able to accomplish. And Elliot's last nursing was 4 days after his first birthday, so they're almost exactly the same! LOL!

In the last week, Jonah's morphed quite quickly in skill and temperament from a baby to a toddler, and I'm feeling like my relationship with him is changing a lot right now to keep up with him. So this just fits right in!

I not quite sure what to think about this. The last physiological connection between Jonah and I has been severed. Should I be sad? Relieved? I think the saddest part is the idea that I'll probably never nourish another child with my own body again. It's such an amazing thing to be able to do.

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