Monday, July 31, 2006

Only on the 'Net

I had brunch yesterday with 6 other acoustic neuroma patients from around New England. Obviously, we connected online. Where else can you find a community made up only of AN patients (the ANA Discussion Forum)? And the brunch was great! Three of the six had been treated by my team of doctors and had nothing but good things to say. (Of the other three, one is still waiting for treatment, one had radiation treatment, and one flew to CA for surgery.) While I have a ton of fantastic support from family and friends, no one can sympathize quite the same way as someone who's already had the same surgery.

It was also quite amusing watching the conversations since all but one of us is deaf on one side! LOL! Lots of craned necks trying to get the good ear around to whomever was talking!

On a completely different note, we're up to 130 cucumbers picked, 20 quarts pickled, and another 8-ish quarts of pickles to make tonight. Just from 6 itty-bitty plants. Arrrggghhh!

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