Monday, June 05, 2006

Not This Time

Last fall, my sister inspired me. She grew her hair, then cut it off to donate to Locks of Love. And ever since she did, I've been growing my hair to do the same thing. They need to be able to cut at least 10" before you can donate. I currently have a good 6-7". Getting there. But it's not to be.

I will need skull surgery. Soon. To remove an obnoxious acoustic neuroma that has decided to take up residence in my inner ear canal and has started elbowing my brain. Not a good thing. And part of the skull surgery is shaving a good part of the hair behind my ear. Sigh. So, I'm now contemplating getting a short haircut before surgery so it doesn't take 3 years for the hair to grow back out to match the rest of my head.

It's minor, I know. Someday in the future, I WILL donate. It's just aggrevating to keep finding more and more aspects of my life that this AN impacts.

1 comment:

Danielle said...

Yes, you will be donating to locks of love- I have no doubt about that!

(I'm so calling you first thing in the morning!)