Saturday, January 28, 2006

Only In Our House

Cats are supposed to be creatures of grace and elegance. They move with ease and always land on their feet.

Except our cat. Arthur, the King of Klutz Kitties.

Arthur has always been the least graceful cat we've ever met. He regularly misjudges how far it is to a chair or the counter. He trips over his feet when he's running. He tumbles down the stairs. Then, this morning, he was delicately balanced (uh-oh) on one of our wire shelves in the office when he tried to gracefully leap to the floor. But, of course, Arthur can't do that. Instead, he manages to shove a foot between the wires as he pushes off and ends up awkwardly twisting as he launches himself into the air. The result? A broken foot. Our clumsy, graceless cat broke his foot. I've even got the xrays to prove it. Good grief.

So, now we have a cat in a bandaged splint with a cone collar on so he won't chew off the bandage.

Oh, yeah - this is gonna be a fun six weeks!

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