Thursday, June 09, 2005

Just Take a Walk in My Shoes First!

HOLLYWOOD, May 25, 2005

Cruise Slams Shields' Drug Use
Tom Cruise has criticized Hollywood pal Brooke Shields' "misguided" use of the anti-depressant Paxil, while declaring the actress' career as over.

In an interview with Billy Bush on the TV show Access Hollywood, to be screened on May 26, Cruise speaks of his disappointment to learn Shields used Paxil to fight post-natal depression following the birth of her daughter Rowan.

Shields is currently weaning herself off her medication so she and husband Chris Henchy can have another child.

Cruise, who claims to have helped people fight drug addictions through his controversial Scientology religion, says the Suddenly Susan actress should have used vitamins to help her feelings of despair.

Y'know, I loved Top Gun. But the arrogance of this man is unbelievable. I'm so completely turned off - I don't know that I'll ever be able to watch his movies again. Let him carry a child, give birth, and suffer through the after effects of hormonal surges and postpartum depression. Then, maybe, he'd have a right to an opinion on the subject. Good grief.

I'm seething!

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Danielle said...

Duh- what a loser.

Well, he's just on cloud 9 with his young fellow scientologist fiance.

Blah, ick- he's soooo not cool anymore. :-)